Helping funded web startups reach product-market fit.

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I'm Ollie Rattue (@ollierattue), a Virtual CTO and technology consultant.

Too Many Tabs is my team of world class developers and designers. We collaborate exclusively with funded US startups ($500k+) doing meaningful work. That's our thing.

Building a prototype? Need tech consultancy or a team leader? Get in touch.

LEAN product development from concept to cash.



We work with a small number of PHP systems, which I believe are the best in field. We know the codebases, their strengths and weaknesses and have a toolkit of useful code built over years of development.


Flexible and scalable

Experiencing growing pains? We can help you scale up to handle highly complex builds, assisting you with project management, scheduling, and planning.


More than code

Gun for hire, agency, open source, corporate, team leader. We've done them all. We know the web development business and offer a service which goes beyond 0's and 1's.


One contact, an army of expertise

Finding great developers can be a hit and miss process. With years in the industry I have built up relationships with a handful of highly talented individuals.


White label

Some of our clients want to appear as if they are doing all work in house. That's fine by us.


Your next business partner?

I'm always on the lookout for interesting projects, startups, and ideas. Got something interesting? Give me a shout.

"Ollie brings a real world perspective to his insight into the user experience. This combined with his emphasis on elegance and simplicity mean that his work almost always hits the mark first time without the 'technically correct but unusable' results you often see elsewhere."
- James Franklin, Founder - Assemble - A distribution & marketing toolkit for films.

"Ollie has delivered excellent work at every opportunity. He is imaginative, efficient and a genuine pleasure to work with."
- Clemens Hackl - Ludic Online - Accelerate business transformation and people development.

"Ollie has a thorough knowledge of web development, a professional attitude and has excellent project management skills. He is a good communicator and is especially valuable when scoping out complicated projects."
- Simon Oliver London design agency.

"Working with Ollie is a breeze; fast, efficient and a with a great skillset. Ollie is the perfect solution for overworked development teams in need of some expert help."
- Alex Wareing, Lead developer -

"Ollie is extremely professional. His code is clean, clear, and elegant and it's delivered to specs, on time, and within budget. He's very experienced, a great communicator, and has been a pleasure to work with. What else can you ask for?"
- Yann Bettremieux - minimal deisgn - New York City web design studio.

If actions speak louder than words...

Free products

  • FormIgniter

    Easy form generator for the CodeIgniter framework

  • Barometer

    The web's simplest feedback form

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