Building and growing startups.

Too Many Tabs is a team of world class engineers, designers and technical leaders. We build, recruit, grow, scale and lead, forming equity partnerships to create the new new thing. Founded in 2013, we're headquartered in Hampshire, England and work with engineering teams in South Africa and Russia.

Building for Silicon Valley from the Silicon Cape.

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LEAN product development from concept to cash.



We only work with web startups, companies that build something people want and are designed to grow fast.



We always partner for equity, ensuring our goals are aligned. You get to leverage our development team, business experience and contacts.


A different perspective

With a team at the Southern tip of Africa, we bring insights from a different context.



Experiencing growing pains? We can help you scale up to handle high traffic, complex builds, assisting you with project management, scheduling, and planning.



Finding great developers in San Francisco can be hard, and expensive. We search the global workplace to find talent in addition to our team based in Cape Town.



We're constantly evaluating new technologies. This isn't technology for technolgies sake, it's having the edge, being able to move faster, scale quicker and avoid costly re-builds.

Our projects and partners.

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What's next?


  • Technical leadership and engineering team.
  • Series A funded ($11.5 million USD).
  • Market leader in global boat rentals.


  • Technology consultancy provided.
  • Angel seed funded.
  • 3D crisis mapping in the cloud.

What's next?

  • Get in touch to discuss how we can help you grow your funded startup.

High performance, scaleable, mobile first technologies.

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